Feature Video

Feature Video

Introducing Multisource

384 views April 06, 2020

Running a 360° DX platform means bringing together all of your content and insights about your...

Feature Video

Introducing the Visual SPA Editor

1,961 views March 27, 2020

Create amazing customer experiences in headless projects. The Magnolia Visual SPA Editor gives...

Feature Video

Magnolia: Headless with no limits

5,293 views August 16, 2019

Magnolia: headless since day one. With 80% more features than purely SaaS systems, it makes...

Feature Video

How Magnolia drives e-commerce

810 views August 30, 2019

See how Magnolia can drive complex e-commerce scenarios of any scope.

Feature Video

Magnolia Travel Demo: Introduction

1,249 views August 21, 2019

An introduction to the Travel Demo and how content is stored in Magnolia Pages and in Content...

Feature Video

Manage Content Effectively

1,060 views August 21, 2019

Manage Content Effectively MGNL6

Feature Video

Personalize and Convert

821 views August 21, 2019

Personalize and Convert MGNL6

Feature Video

Magnolia – Built for Speed

1,959 views August 16, 2019

How long would it take with your current CMS to complete installation, customize the UI for your...

Feature Video

Siteimprove plug-in for Magnolia

655 views August 23, 2019

This quick demo shows you how the Siteimprove plug in for Magnolia works. Opening a page in the...

Feature Video

Magnolia 6 quick overview

3,726 views August 23, 2019

Introducing Magnolia 6. The new version of the renowned CMS focusses on integration at the level...

Feature Video

Magnolia 6 Overview for developers

4,471 views August 23, 2019

Introducing Magnolia 6. Find out why the newest version of our renowned CMS is great for...