Feature Videos

Feature Videos

Authoring Apps in Magnolia

48 views August 16, 2021

Magnolia offers three main Apps for Authoring content. The Pages app is designed for building...

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Apps & Search in Magnolia

89 views June 03, 2021

Todays DX projects have become big operations. Keeping an overview, finding and accessing the...

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Gatsby & Magnolia integration with native GraphQL

106 views May 20, 2021

An overview of a nice Gatsby Magnolia integration done by Neoskop. Source code:...

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Manage Content Effectively

1,265 views August 21, 2019

Manage Content Effectively MGNL6

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Multichannel Preview in Magnolia

162 views March 24, 2021

Setting up a QR code for mobile previewMagnolia provides an app called Marketing Tag Manager out...

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Analytics in Magnolia

190 views March 19, 2021

To help you take data-driven decisions Magnolia lets you visualize your Analytics data right...

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Asset Management in Magnolia

81 views March 19, 2021

Magnolia comes with a built in Digital Assets Management System to meet your needs....

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ABn Testing with Magnolia

177 views March 24, 2021

An A/B/n test is a type of experiment that exposes customers to different variations of digital...

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SEO with Magnolia

80 views April 09, 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a website to score a higher ranking in search...

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Workflows in Magnolia

84 views April 22, 2021

The Magnolia Workflow module provides a standard four eye content approval workflow preconfigured...

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Internationalization in Magnolia

86 views April 23, 2021

For most of today's Digital Experiences internationalization is crucial.You have to be able to...

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Integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud with...

299 views May 06, 2021

Create engaging PWA experiences by combining marketing content from Magnolia and products from...