Feature Videos

Feature Videos

Magnolia Live Copy

2 views January 26, 2023

Live Copy is a powerful tool aimed at authors and marketers who want to centrally manage,...

Feature Videos

Magnolia App Launcher

352 views July 27, 2022

With the new App Launcher, Magnolia users get an improved authoring experience, navigating with...

Feature Videos

Magnolia Hands on Demo – 1 Walkthrough

1,153 views April 19, 2022

Get an introduction to Magnolia, and see: How easy and intuitive is the Magnolia UIHow you can...

Feature Videos

Magnolia Hands on Demo – 3 Rollout

252 views April 19, 2022

In this demo we cover content publication and rollout process with Magnolia. We make the complex...

Feature Videos

Magnolia Hands on Demo – 2 Content Editing

747 views April 19, 2022

In this demo, we look at the Magnolia platform from a content editor’s perspective. You'll see...

Feature Videos

Magnolia Hands on Demo – 4 Personalization

327 views April 19, 2022

Personalization is here to stay, and Magnolia makes it easier than ever. Check out this demo...

Feature Videos

Demo Magnolia for headless ecommerce

250 views December 02, 2021

Watch this 10-minutes demo and see how easily you can create content-rich shopping experiences -...

Feature Videos

Magnolia for ecommerce

1,195 views September 29, 2021

Most ecommerce systems excel at managing product data and capturing transactions. Delivering...

Feature Videos

Authoring Apps in Magnolia

258 views August 16, 2021

Magnolia offers three main Apps for Authoring content. The Pages app is designed for building...

Feature Videos

Apps & Search in Magnolia

221 views June 03, 2021

Todays DX projects have become big operations. Keeping an overview, finding and accessing the...

Feature Videos

Gatsby & Magnolia integration with native GraphQL

285 views May 20, 2021

An overview of a nice Gatsby Magnolia integration done by Neoskop. Source code:...