DXplained EP6 | Making generative AI real for content teams

October 26, 2023 ai, ai accelerator, dxp, dxplained

Content creation and orchestration is what a DXP is all about. As Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly widespread, at Magnolia, we’ve been busy exploring and working on how to apply it for real-world needs: that is, to help digital teams produce outstanding, quality content – in one unified workflow.

In this DXplained webinar, we’ll discuss how AI can be applied throughout the content lifecycle, from planning and creation to content optimization, classification, and rollouts of multilingual, personalized content.

We’ll also delve into Magnolia’s AI Accelerator, a collection of generative AI connectors that speed up content creation, automate repetitive tasks, and improve content and design efficiency. 

Watch Magnolia’s head of consulting, Jan Schulte, and Ellis Devine, Marketing Executive UKI, for a deep dive into generative AI and a demo showing how you can make it real for your content teams. 

  • Scale up your content creation and personalization efforts through automatic generation of text, images, components, or even entire pages. 

  • Automate mundane, repetitive tasks like metadata creation for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and OG (Open Graph). 

  • Automate classification of text and images for better search. 

  • All in one unified editorial workflow - no context switching between tools, no copy-paste, no silos.