Feature Videos

Magnolia AI Accelerator

8 views September 27, 2023

Speed up content creation with AI that’s made for the real. Magnolia’s AI Accelerator is a...

Feature Videos

The Magnolia Headless Accelerator

1,109 views July 02, 2021

Instead of starting from scratch, start developing with ready-made functional UI patterns for a...

Personal Demo

Magnolia run-through

97 views August 29, 2023

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BIKE24 & Magnolia – The 360° CX for bike enthusiasts

33 views July 28, 2023

Composable Commerce in performance sports pushes market opportunities. The gears from Shimano,...

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Composable storefronts: how to enable a seamless and...

54 views July 13, 2023

The benefits of a composable storefront in our masterclass: A composable storefront enables...


Revolutionize the travel experience with a DXP.mp4

56 views June 28, 2023

Magnolia, the leading composable DXP, and PRODYNA, a Microsoft partner that specialise in...


Webinar: Boosting conversions through better SEO and...

79 views June 15, 2023

The banking, financial services, and insurance industry is undergoing rapid digital...

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Magnolia product overview

63 views May 17, 2023

Presented by Chris Jennings, Senior Solution Architect, Magnolia. What you will learn?When and...


Magnolia for insurance

123 views April 03, 2023

Watch our demo for an overview of what Magnolia can do for insurers. It shows possibilities for...