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Digital Leadership Lessons From Bleddyn Williams - A Dose of Clarity About Fast Time-To-Market...


Go Faster With Adriaan Bloem: Insight From a Digital...

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Adriaan Bloem, a digital leader with over two and half decades of experience. As the former head...


Wisdom From a Head of Ecommerce: Five Takeaways From...

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Magnolia CMO Rasmus Skjoldan sits down with Hannu Vangsgaard, digital business accelerator for...

Feature Videos

Demo Magnolia for headless ecommerce

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Watch this 10-minutes demo and see how easily you can create content-rich shopping experiences -...

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Ecommerce trends panel talk (30 November 2021)

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Discover how the ecommerce market is unfolding, the shift to headless, composable commerce, and...


Content-driven Headless Commerce: Here’s how to get there

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Whether you’ve already started re-architecting or not, if you want an easy entry into the...


Make Ecommerce Internationalization a Success

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Fireside Webinar: Easily create and deliver brand and product experiences that are aligned with...

Case Studies

Primeo Energie built their headless design system on...

156 views August 17, 2021

Magnolia enables the energy supplier to streamline the user experience on their website and...

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Authoring Apps in Magnolia

121 views August 16, 2021

Magnolia offers three main Apps for Authoring content. The Pages app is designed for building...

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TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat

107 views August 16, 2021

Two Questions for Vinay Bhagat, CEO of TrustRadius, about the rise of review platforms