Deliver Faster by Design- how your tools make (or break) a culture of shipping- Netlify + Magnolia

May 11, 2021
The headless approach has taken the digital marketing and e-commerce landscape by storm. Headless however comes with its own challenges and many companies are falling behind when it comes to enabling marketing and development teams and building a culture of shipping.
Listen to our fireside chat on May 6th 2020 with Jason Lengstorf, VP of Developer Experience at Neltify alongside Christopher Zimmerman, Product Manager and Sandra Schroeter, Technical Product Marketing at Magnolia, to learn how to increase your teams’ collaboration and improve your speed of delivery with the Jamstack!

During this informal fireside chat, you will learn:

* How to improve your teams' culture of shipping with the Jamstack
* How Magnolia overcomes challenges arising for content authors from a pure-headless CMS
* How the Netlify extension for Magnolia helps organizations build + deliver powerful digital experiences
* We'll also discuss how a large retailer transformed its e-commerce solution into a best-in-class composable platform using these practices!