Integrating Siteimprove with Magnolia

This quick demo shows you how the Siteimprove plug in for Magnolia works.

Opening a page in the Magnolia Page-Editor brings up the Siteimprove-widget at the right edge of the browser window.
Clicking it reveals the full Siteimprove dialog - including the digital certainty index score. This score tells you what shape your page is in overall, based on QA, SEO and Accessibility

The dialog groups the issues your page might have into sections like
Readability, broken links, misspellings and all sorts of major and minor Errors. Clicking the sections brings up a detailed list.

With for instance a missing alternative text of an image.
Siteimprove highlights the affected images it finds in a preview of the page.
It can also display the html containing the error.

The plug-in pinpoints literally any issue you can think of. Like insufficient color contrast in text-blocks as in this example.

Once you’ve fixed your page right in Magnolia and published it, the (siteimprove) plug in will recheck it automatically and thus always be up to date.

Leverage the Siteimprove plugin for Magnolia for a flawless customer experience and richer content insights. All in one highly effective workflow.