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Feature Videos

Integrating commercetools with Magnolia

3,079 views August 23, 2019

Find out how easy it is to integrate commercetools with Magnolia CMS using our connector. Easily...


Webinar: Delivering On Digital - Delight your...

281 views July 20, 2020

Retailers have become accustomed to a standard way of working, such as centred on a page...

Case Studies

Argos: "Our Content Management System Journey"

482 views October 08, 2019

This video presentation is of Argos telling their incredible CMS journey at the Magnolia Meet Up...

Case Studies

Even better than we thought: JobRad's Magnolia...

1,082 views August 21, 2019

JobRad is a bike leasing company that provides brands throughout Germany with company bikes as an...

Feature Videos

Magnolia: Headless with no limits

10,448 views August 16, 2019

Magnolia: headless since day one. With 80% more features than purely SaaS systems, it makes...

Feature Videos

Content-driven Commerce with Magnolia

1,482 views August 30, 2019

See how Magnolia can drive complex e-commerce scenarios of any scope.


Magnolia in 100 seconds

44,857 views August 21, 2019

See the strengths of Magnolia in 100 seconds.

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Magnolia Partner Day 2019 in 150 seconds

1,021 views August 21, 2019

Join us as we present the future of Magnolia, how we want to enable you as a partner — and on...

Feature Videos

Magnolia – Built for Speed

3,473 views August 16, 2019

How long would it take with your current CMS to complete installation, customize the UI for your...


Selecting A CMS: Common Mistakes And How To...

698 views August 23, 2019

How do you find a CMS that empowers your organization to drive meaningful interactions across...

Feature Videos

Integrating Siteimprove with Magnolia

1,127 views August 23, 2019

This quick demo shows you how the Siteimprove plug in for Magnolia works. Opening a page in the...