Webinar: Delivering On Digital - Delight your customers with superior content experiences

July 20, 2020 cms, Retail
Retailers have become accustomed to a standard way of working, such as centred on a page template, integrated into a commerce platform etc., this results in delays before release cycles, rigid working models and ongoing IT costs. Bringing products to life and offering a more engaging experience is the new battleground but the key is doing it in as an efficient way as possible.

Never has the need to arrest this inertia been more prevalent: create agile and dynamic working practices around product, content and commerce and bring much-needed velocity to the business. This webinar looks behind the glass and explores how to reduce the level of effort that goes into the experience.

In this webinar from Magnolia CMS & BigCommerce you will discover:

- How to COPE… ‘create once and publish everywhere’
Retailers run campaigns across a multitude of channels, sites, geographies and duplication is not an option.

- Why experiences are made from experiences
Delightful experiences are given because they are adaptive but editors need to experience the outcomes first-hand before publishing to potential customers.

- What architectural designs can deliver the promise of now but also for the future?