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Case Study

Argos: "Our Content Management System Journey"

111 views October 08, 2019

This video presentation is of Argos telling their incredible CMS journey at the Magnolia Meet Up...

Feature Video

How Magnolia drives e-commerce

518 views August 30, 2019

See how Magnolia can drive complex e-commerce scenarios of any scope.

Feature Video

Magnolia 6 quick overview

3,241 views August 23, 2019

Introducing Magnolia 6. The new version of the renowned CMS focusses on integration at the level...


Webinar: Buzzword Bingo. The real deal behind...

432 views August 23, 2019

Go behind the buzzwords and learn how you can play them in your e-commerce projects. We present...

Feature Video

Magnolia CLI tool: the teaser

1,823 views August 23, 2019

Get a taste of what the CLI tool in Magnolia can do for you as a front-end dev. It handles common...

Case Study

Scalable, user-friendly and easy to extend:...

1,279 views August 23, 2019

Ancestry, the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world has over 15 billion historical...