Go Faster With Adriaan Bloem: Insight From a Digital Leader For Digital Leaders

December 16, 2021

Adriaan Bloem, a digital leader with over two and half decades of experience.

As the former head of digital infrastructure at the largest video streaming service in the Middle East for 10 years, he successfully helped them scale it to millions of subscribers. He now works with organizations across the globe from his home office in Spain.

Here he provides a peek behind the curtain at how the most successful organizations arrive at and maintain a winning tempo. 


Intro: 0:00

Larger Companies Go at Different Speeds: 0:28

Reacting to Change: 1:28

How Fast Is Fast: 3:00

Working In Digital: 4:01

Keeping Agile Flexible: 5:53

Who Is In Control of DXPs: 7:36

Balancing Fast Definitions: 8:58