Wisdom From a Head of Ecommerce: Five Takeaways From Hannu Vangsgaard on Why Digital Commerce Is So Complex

December 07, 2021
Magnolia CMO Rasmus Skjoldan sits down with Hannu Vangsgaard, digital business accelerator for the C-Suite at various organizations with over 20 years of experience, to gain some insight on how a business should undergo an ecommerce project.

Hannu has been the Chief Digital Officer at Envision, Head of Digital and Ecommerce at Denmark’s largest retailer Salling Group, and CEO of Ucommerce.

Intro: 0:00
You’re Starting a Business Transformation: 0:34
The Reality of Failed Ecommerce Projects: 1:48
Microservices & Headless Architecture: 4:05
Focusing on the 98%: 5:15
 Accelerating Time to Market: 7:05