Pick your battles: New software or better architecture?

January 10, 2023

Mads Gustafsen is no stranger to insurance and hasn't been for many years. With his work ethic summed up by one of his favorite phrases, "prototype the future", Mads used this thinking to become Executive Partner and Head of Business at Denmark-based global strategy-design firm Manyone. But through all this, his passion remains in helping insurers with the expertise he's built up after several years within the industry, as he continues to advise clients on how to use technology to create unique user experiences. In this interview, he explains the changes affecting the insurance industry and why companies need software and digital experience platforms (DXPs) to handle a new customer journey.

0:00 - Intro
0:18 - Defining 20 Years of digital solutions experience
1:06 - Evolving trends in insurance
1:55 - Challenges to be overcome
3:46 - Tech stack for a digital experience
4:57 - Where does a DXP sit?
5:57 - What is composability?
6:57 - The DXP selection process
8:57 - Prototyping the future